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Why Recreogo Is The Right Partner

Modern, robust, and easy to use.
Recreogo is a booking management software built specifically for recreational rental businesses.  From online scheduling to taking payments - streamlined and simplified.

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Back End Business Portal

Imagine being able to access your rental business from anywhere.  No more lugging around a heavy binder or calendar.   With Recreogo you will have instant access to your rental business from any device, including a phone.   

Convert Website Visits to Paid Bookings

Instantly upgrade the customer experience by adding online booking to your website.  In just a few easy steps a link can be added to your website directing digital customers to your very own booking portal.  Within the booking portal customers will be able to see live availability, book and pay for the rental. 

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Partner Success Calls

We have a vested interest in your success.  Therefore, at minimum of once a year we schedule partner success calls with each of the businesses we work with.  These calls are tailored to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your partnership with Recreogo.

Come for the tools but stay for the network.  When you use Recreogo, your inventory is automatically listed on our Marketplace. Through our network and marketing efforts we will promote your listings to a growing customer base.  

Free Advertising Through Our Marketplace 

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Ready for a conversation?

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