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Recreogo and PeekPro: Tailoring your Powersport Rental Business to Success

Booking Platform Comparison

Choosing the right booking software is a pivotal step, especially if you're a powersport operator venturing into online reservations. This comparison between Recreogo and aims to guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs.

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Recreogo is a specialized booking platform tailored for powersport operators, offering a powerful marketplace and reservation experience, personalized service, and streamlined back office tools. Each feature of the platform is designed to simplify your business, but the true value emerges when these features work in harmony.


What makes Recreogo special is the continual investment in the customer journey, providing unparalleled support, and equipping operators with tools to elevate their business. Businesses that choose Recreogo gain a partner fully dedicated to their success.


Start your journey with our quick and easy onboarding process today!


Peek is a booking software and marketplace for delightful things to do such as wine tours, watersports, skydiving, and art classes. Peek is classified as a Tour Operator and it's largest client base is in the Leisure, Travel and Tourism vertical.

Recreogo Benefits

More Visibility

Recreogo provides a specialized marketplace tailored for powersport operators, driving fully paid reservations to your business. Gain visibility & expand your marketing reach effortlessly at zero cost to you. 

More Flexibility

Recreogo's platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for you and your team to manage bookings, track performance, and more. This is especially beneficial for operators who simply do not need a complex, feature-heavy platform.

More Expertise

Recreogo is laser-focused on powersport operators. We understand your business. This means we're not just trying to add numbers; we're committed to your success.

More Bookings

Recreogo makes it easy for you to get started with a streamlined onboarding process. We guide you every step of the way, making it ideal for operators who are new to online reservations. Plus, you can be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks, capturing new customers almost immediately.  

What Sets Recreogo Apart

More Visibility

With Peek

  • Peek Experiences offers a wide range of activities and tours, from water sports to city tours, making it a versatile platform for businesses with diverse offerings.  

  • Over 35 million customers and more than $2B in total bookings are a testament to their VC-backed roots in growth.


And what makes Recreogo Unique

  • The Recreogo marketplace is specifically designed for Powersport rentals, from search and filtering down to the desired equipment, size and brand. 

  • Customers have upfront, transparent knowledge of who the rental business is prior to booking. 

More Expertise

With Peek

  • Large customer service team that assists with a variety of needs supporting a diverse set of customers. 

And what makes Recreogo Unique

  • You're not just a customer of Recreogo; you're a  valued partner. We even refund our convenience fees when there's a cancellation- a unique proof point in the industry.

  • White-glove service throughout the process, including our annual 'Partner Success Calls' that ensure you're maximizing the benefits of the platform.

  • Intimate experience - we strive to learn your business as well as you know it.

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More Flexibility

With Peek

  • All-in-one platform for extensive marketing capabilities that are feature rich but require a steep learning curve to navigate and fully utilize. 

  • Automated Dynamic Pricing opportunities that adjust your rental amounts based on day of week or whenever demand is higher than normal.


And what makes Recreogo Unique

  • Peer reviewed, user-friendly, intuitive dashboard

  • Perfect for the simple change or more advanced need. Do it yourself or have us help you. 

  • Several ways to integrate "Book Now" links easily into your website that allow you to reduce clicks and provide a better customer experience.

More Bookings

With Peek

  • ​Provides technical and support resources to launch the platform on your website.

And what makes Recreogo Unique

  • Our partners go from sign up to live in as little as 24 hours. Quick onboarding is important for any partner seeking to gain efficiencies from online bookings. 

  • The customer experience is watched and refined continuously to increase conversion rates and maximize every interaction.

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Recreogo vs PeekPro Comparison
Features Designed for your Success

Recreogo Feature
Peek Feature
Customer Support Model

1:1 Support

General Pool
Integrated Payment System

Payout within 48 hours

Delayed Payout Possible
Pricing Model

Transactional to Consumer

Transactional to Consumer, Split it, Business Pays
Maintenance Blackout



Promotes Brand

Anonymous booking
"Book Now" Website Integration Options

Overlay, Redirects, iFrame

Extensive Filtering (Both Consumer and Back Office)


Destination Yamaha Preferred Vendor


VIN assigned to reservation


Integrated Digital Waivers

Smartwaiver (best in class)

Refunds Fee on Cancellation


Search by Business


Recreogo is a fantastic alternative to PeekPro when simplicity, service and support are key factors. We may not be right for everyone, but we’re right for you. 

Both Recreogo and PeekPro offer valuable services, but for boutique powersport operators seeking a more personalized experience, Recreogo stands out. Make the choice that aligns with your business needs.

After 20 years in the rental business we needed to move to an online presence and Recreogo made that possible.  We have found that from both the admin side and customer side booking rentals has been very user friendly.  

Ashley, Hayward Power Sports

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