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Recreogo - Your Adventure Hero

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We’re not one’s to boast, but calling ourselves your adventure heroes is just the most accurate title. Why? Our capes may be invisible and, unfortunately, none of us can fly, but we have dedicated our lives to connecting people with their adventures. We believe it’s extremely important for people to experience their world with eyes wide open, and we want to help. Dreaming up an adventure isn’t the hard part, the how is the hard part. That’s what we’re here for.

Recreogo is an easy to use website that connects you with businesses that can assist in your dream outdoor experiences. From kayaks to ice houses and everything in between, we have recreational experiences available for rent during every season. To search our extensive database of rentals, click here

Not only are we dedicated to helping people get outside, we’re dedicated to encouraging healthy lives. Did you know that simply being amongst nature has numerous health benefits? This study compared the concentration habits between kids that play outside, versus kids that play inside. Kids that regularly spent time in nature showed fewer signs of ADHD and other concentrational issues. It is also the best way to get the vitamins that many of our foods are lacking, such as vitamin D. The NCBI explains how open space, fresh air, and green nature is beneficial to mental health and long term vitality, and who doesn’t want some of that? 

Now, it is easier than ever to plan an adventure for you, or your family, whatever season you may be in. Don’t let another summer, fall, winter or spring fly by without experiencing it in all of it’s glory! 

- Recreogo Team



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