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5 Outdoor Resolutions You Can Make This Year

Welcome to a new year, you’ve made it! 

With a fresh start comes fresh ideas and goals; we call them resolutions. So, we’re here to help you create some resolutions for 2018. We’d like to introduce you to our list of outdoors resolutions you should be making this next year. Enjoy! 

Take 100 photos

One of the most fun ways to document your adventures is to take photos. They don’t have to be professional or perfect, they just have to be real. We recommend creating a number that you’re striving to take (for example, 100). By doing this, it will force you to create, organize, and accomplish the task. This is one resolution you’ll be proud of accomplishing, and you’ll be able to relive it for years to come.  

Complete a race

You know you’ve seen different types of races on social media. You know, the ones that look fun - and ridiculously hard - at the same time. Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and the Spartan Race are just a few of the options you may want to consider as your 2018 outdoor resolution. The nice thing about completing a race is that there is one grand finale, unlike the photo resolution above which is more about the journey. Also, you don’t have to be the craziest athlete ever to complete a race; there are many options for novelist racers. 

Visit 5 new stats (and 1 new country)

Traveling is a very popular resolution. Maybe you’ve said that you’d “like to travel more this next year.” Well, we’d like to challenge you to say specifically what types of travel you’d like to accomplish. For example, maybe you’d like to visit 5 states and 1 new country. By setting a specific goal, you’ll be more prone to accomplish that goal (and more importantly, you’ll know when you did). 

Create an “adventure group”

Adventure groups are a fantastic idea. An adventure group is a group of 10 or more people that collectively commits to doing an “adventure” once per month (or once per quarter). The idea is that you become more consistent in going on adventures together; building friendships along the way. It’s important to note that not every adventure needs to be grand. Adventures may range from camping to mountain climbing; exploring a new restaurant to exploring a new country. Your group gets to decide. 

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, we hope that you find time to explore and enjoy the outdoors. There’s a whole world out there.

Don’t be afraid to find it. 

-Recreogo Team



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