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Smooth Sailing: The Value of Processing Payments Within Recreogo

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We know that recreational rental businesses need their booking process to be simple, straightforward, and accessible. Managing payments efficiently is a crucial aspect of this process, ensuring a seamless transaction experience for both customers and staff. By integrating your payments with Recreogo you’ll gain a “boatload” of benefits, enhancing both customer satisfaction and your internal operations. 

Let’s take a look at a few key advantages of integrating your payment process with Recreogo:

Simplified Reconciliation

Say goodbye to the headache of manual reconciliation! With Recreogo's integrated payment partner, you’ll be given a clear and transparent overview of all transactions, making it easier for you to reconcile your financial records. And, with our integration with Quickbooks online, you’ll not only save time but also minimize the risk of errors, contributing to a more streamlined financial process.

Enhanced Organization

By keeping all your payments in one place, you can stay super organized. With a digital paper trail you'll always have access to what has been paid and when. This is especially helpful should you experience a chargeback or dispute.

Static CC Fees

Recreogo’s integration with Stripe means that you’ll have static credit card fees that can be passed through to customers. You won’t need to pay for any credit card processing that is done through Recreogo.

User-Friendly Saved and Secured Credit Cards

With the option to save and securely store credit card details, you’ll easily be able to authorize and charge damage deposits, as well as any add-on items. The customer's card information is securely saved, giving them peace of mind, while also ensuring that you have access to stored cards when necessary.

Data-Driven Business Decisions

Beyond the transactional aspects, Recreogo's payment processing provides valuable data that can help you make informed business decisions. Through our comprehensive and robust dashboard, you’ll have access to essential performance metrics, enhancing your visibility into your business operations. Whether you're analyzing financial trends over time or examining reports on rental types, the data provided by Recreogo empowers you to make informed and strategic decisions to drive future growth.

Taking payments in Recreogo is not just about transactions…

Sail boats

With payment processing integrated into your Recreogo backend you're able to process all payments right in your account. From remaining balances to one time payments, it's a simple and straight forward process that will allow you to be efficient, organized, and clued in to important analytics.


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