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3 Ways Recreogo Keeps You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Business

Person holding handlebars of a snowmobile

For outdoor recreational rental companies, rentals equals revenue. That means that selecting the right booking platform is crucial to the success of your business. With several different options available, it’s important to partner with a company that not only offers cutting edge technology, but also prioritizes your business’ success and autonomy.

This is precisely where Recreogo shines.

At Recreogo, we understand the importance of giving you not just control but also robust protection within your business operations. That's why we're not just another booking system – we're your dedicated partner in empowering your business.

Here’s how Recreogo keeps you in the driver’s seat:

  1. Flexible Booking Parameters

  • Restricted Booking Hours: In Recreogo, you can set restricted booking hours to align with your operational preferences. Control your business’s schedule by setting the minimum hours of advance notice required for online bookings. Using this feature you can allow flexibility for walk-ins and call-ins at the last minute.

  • Black Out Dates: Ensure that you only get bookings when you’re open and set the specific dates when you want your business to be closed. Whether it's for holidays, maintenance, or any other reason, you decide when your doors are open.

  • Maintenance Blackouts: Regular, preventative maintenance of your equipment allows for a well-maintained fleet – which means more satisfied customers, reduced downtime, and a positive impact on your bottom line. With Recreogo, you can prioritize equipment maintenance without disrupting your booking flow. Using our Maintenance Blackouts you can easily mark inventory as temporarily unavailable for servicing, ensuring smooth operations in the long run.

  • Rental Minimums: During peak rental periods, take charge by setting a minimum number of days, optimizing your business for increased profitability.

  1. Customized Rental Policies

  • Delivery Destinations: Have multiple locations? Offer delivery of equipment? Create specific delivery destinations and control where your company delivers to.

  • Hidden Rates: With Recreogo, you can use hidden rates to book special rental durations through the backend. 

  • Cancellation Policies: Maintain control over cancellations by clearly presenting your policy to customers. With Recreogo, the customer will be presented with your cancellation policy a minimum of three times and you’ll always control how cancellations are handled.

  1. Our Intuitive and Robust Platform

  • One Time Charges: Need to charge a customer for incidentals that aren't included in the standard rental flow? Recreogo allows you to process One-Time Charges on a reservation.  Whether it’s for gas and oil, special delivery arrangements, a late return, or the purchase of an add-on, you can rely on our one-time charges feature.

  • Damage Deposits: With Recreogo, you can authorize the card on file or a new card for damage deposits. This allows you to charge the card at a later date and time or in case unfortunate situations arise, giving you financial security against potential damages.

  • Unit Time Slot Editor: This feature empowers you to manage the quantity of items being rented out during specific time slots. For instance, suppose you have a fleet of 5 pontoons but can only accommodate one boat departing every 30 minutes due to staffing constraints. With our Unit Time Slot Editor, you have the ability to precisely regulate when boats are dispatched, ensuring smooth operations and optimal resource allocation.

  • Advanced Pricing Discounts: With this feature you can provide advanced pricing discounts by either percentage or dollar. This will allow you a greater level of customization when setting up your rates and configuring multiple day discounts.  

  • Website Overlay Booking Flow: With our overlay feature, you can keep customers on your website during the booking process. They can browse, select, and confirm their reservations seamlessly, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable booking experience across all devices. Whether customers are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they can access the booking interface without being redirected to external pages, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Man driving a boat

We understand that maintaining control over your business is essential for achieving sustainable growth and success. That’s why we built our platform specifically for powersport operators. With our intuitive platform and unwavering support, we ensure that you have the flexibility and autonomy you need to successfully run your business. From managing booking hours to implementing blackout dates and customizable cancellation policies, Recreogo empowers you to retain control over every aspect of your business operations.

Ready to take control? Book a call with us.


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