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The Benefits of Setting Up Your Seasons in Advance


As business owners, you know that planning ahead is always a wise decision. It allows you to manage your time more efficiently, adequately staff and can give you a leg up on your competition. This also holds true when it comes to setting up your seasons in Recreogo. Travel trends have evolved since the pandemic, with outdoor and adventure vacations gaining prominence. These consumers are ready to book, and we want to make sure they book with you!

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of setting up your seasons in Recreogo in advance:

1. More Bookings & More Revenue

Airlines typically open their flight schedules about 11 months in advance, making this the time when early birds start planning their summer 2024 vacation. According to tourism experts, Americans are already starting to book their 2024 summer vacations. And, as you know, demand is high in the summer so by setting up your summer 2024 season now, you can get ahead of the competition and capitalize on those consumers looking to plan their trips in advance...

Additionally, according to American Express’ 2023 Global Travel Trends Report, 83% of all surveyed respondents want to shop at small businesses when they travel. Allowing these travelers to book early will ensure that they spend their money with you!

2. Manage Staffing

Advanced bookings can allow you to better prioritize your time, allocate staffing resources effectively, and stay focused on the customer experience. Knowing ahead of time what you’ll need in terms of staffing will help you manage your budget and labor costs, while also ensuring your customers have a great experience with you.

3. Reduced Stress & Enhanced Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of setting up your seasons in advance is the reduction of stress and anxiety that often comes with last-minute bookings. Planning your seasons ahead of time also allows you to get a crucial part of your business out of the way early…meaning you can stay on track, avoid distractions, and maintain your focus on everything else that needs to be done. (And as outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know how much work goes into preparing equipment!)

From securing bookings early, to adequately managing staffing, to simply reducing your stress as a business owner, setting up your seasons in advance offers numerous benefits that can positively impact your professional (and personal) life.

And as your partner in online booking, we want to make sure that you are set up for success. Work with us to get your seasons set up today!


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