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The Smartphone Era: Why Mobile Bookings Matter


We are in the era of the smartphone. Handheld devices have become ubiquitous and transformative in virtually every aspect of our lives. These pocket-sized marvels, equipped with advanced technology, have transcended their initial purpose of communication to become indispensable tools for information, entertainment, and productivity.

With the ability to access a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, connect with people across the globe, capture and share moments instantaneously, and seamlessly integrate into various aspects of daily life, smartphones have become the epicenter of our digital existence.

Here are 3 reasons that mobile booking is important:

1. Convenience

The convenience of booking activities or services on the go is invaluable. (We know that we’re not the only ones who make purchases from our phones in bed!) Mobile commerce comprises nearly 73% of all e-commerce, meaning that more and more people are shopping from their phones. Mobile bookings allow customers to secure their reservations anytime, anywhere, making it a seamless process that fits into their busy schedules.

2. User Experience

User experience is paramount, and mobile bookings contribute significantly to a positive encounter with a business. Recognizing the importance of a user-friendly experience, Recreogo offers a website overlay feature.

This innovative technology allows customers to make bookings without leaving your company website. Customers can browse, select, and confirm their reservations seamlessly, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. The overlay feature ensures a consistent and enjoyable booking experience across all devices. Whether customers are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they can access the booking interface without being redirected to external pages, maintaining a cohesive brand experience.

3. Time Saving

Mobile bookings save time for both businesses and customers. It reduces the workload on staff who might be inundated with phone calls and paperwork, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service. For customers, it eliminates the need to physically visit or call the business, making the entire process more efficient.

four-wheeler in the snow

The ability to make online bookings on a mobile phone has become a crucial aspect of customer service and business success. Recreogo's overlay website feature not only embraces this trend but elevates it by providing a seamless, consistent, and user-friendly experience across all devices.

Interested in adding the overlay to your website? Reach out to us today and we will help you get setup for mobile booking success.


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