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Planning Ahead: 5 Tips to Start Getting Summer Bookings Now!

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It might seem premature to think about the warmth of summer when it’s blistering cold outside, but for powersport outfitters, now is the perfect time to plan ahead and secure those coveted summer bookings.

Getting your season setup now has several benefits, from the ability to secure more bookings ahead of competitors, to allowing you to accurately plan for business operations like staffing and equipment needs.

Here are the 5 things you'll need to do to get a head-start on your competition and start securing summer bookings now:

1. Define and Setup Your Seasons:

Begin by adding your summer season into your Recreogo account under the Seasons tab. Clearly outline the start and end dates, taking into account any specific events or holidays that might impact your operations. This sets the foundation for a well-organized booking structure. You can also include Blackout dates for any holidays or business closures.

2. Update Availability and Inventory:

Take advantage of the quieter winter months to update your inventory in your listing. Ensure that all your equipment is accounted for, and any new additions are added. By doing this early, you avoid last-minute hiccups and provide accurate information to potential customers. Also make sure to verify that the pricing is up to date and current.

3. Early Bird Promotions:

Encourage early bookings by offering enticing early bird promotions. Create a Promo Code (and add it to your Recreogo account) for customers who plan their summer adventures well in advance. This not only boosts your offseason revenue but also generates excitement for the upcoming season.

4. Mobile-Friendly Booking:

In an age where convenience is key, ensure your booking process is mobile-friendly. With Recreogo’s overlay feature, adventurers can seamlessly book their summer escapades from the palm of their hand. A user-friendly mobile booking experience enhances customer satisfaction and encourages spontaneous bookings. Reach out to us and we can help you get the overlay implemented.

5. Training and Support:

As you gear up for the summer rush, ensure your staff is well-trained on Recreogo's features. Take advantage of Recreogo's personalized support and book a Partner Success Call. We also offer ongoing trainings that you and your staff can join. A well-prepared team contributes significantly to a smooth customer experience.

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By planning ahead and utilizing Recreogo's outfitter booking platform to its fullest potential, you position your business for a successful and seamless summer season.

Setting up now will allow you to get a crucial part of your business out of the way early…meaning you can stay on track, avoid distractions, and maintain your focus on everything else that needs to be done before summer. (And we know how much work goes into preparing equipment!) So, gear up, set your seasons, and get ready to get those summer bookings!


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